sEcReT mEnU

Do Stupid Shit; Get Stupid Prizes!

Say, “I know where Anne-Marie hid Tony Catatucci’s body in 1987.”We’ll let you use the bathroom.
Eye the cashier suspiciously and say, “sup?”$20 dime-bags of 7-Zelectz Booger Sugar from up my butt.
Be a cop.Free spit in any drink or hot food!
Ask for fresh cheeze in the cheeze machine.$50: I’ll let you probe around for the aforementioned dime-bags.
Make the deadest eye contact we’ve ever seen.Instant, application-free hiring for the graveyard shift!
Pass out.Adrenaline shot to the heart, whether you need it or not. (We’ve had it since Pulp Fiction came out and I really want to use it.)
Ask for fresher chicken wings.8-count tray of Alley Meat!
Start a fight.Free Pepper Spray! (Sprayer not included.)
Grab what you’re carrying and run!100% off of Everything!
We have cocaine!